Flood Relief Update from Cedar Rapids

This letter came in e-mail today from Kernels Foundation president Gary Keoppel:

On behalf of The Kernels Foundation, I would like to thank you for your support of Cedar Rapids as we recover from the record floods of 2008. The Kernels Foundation received $1,595 from you and FutureAngels.com followers and that money was donated to the Taylor Elementary School Tiger Cub Club. Taylor Elementary, a partner school of the Kernels, was severely damaged and will not reopen until the 2009-2010 school year. The Tiger Cub Club will use the money to build a walking track around the school campus and the Cedar Rapids Kernels ground crew will help rebuild their baseball field. The children from this neighborhood school are attending other schools around the city this year and the track and field will allow them to use the school property while they are waiting for the school to be reopened next year.

In addition, The Kernels Foundation received a $25,000 donation from Minor League Baseball and the entire amount was donated to the Boys and Girls Club of Cedar Rapids (BGCCR). The BGCCR was housed in a former YMCA building and water reached the second floor ruining not only the facility but also everything in it. The Angels donated nine laptop computers to the BGCCR to replace those destroyed in the flood. BGCCR is continuing their programs in a separate facility as they determine what they can do to replace their main facility.

The Kernels Foundation also held a raffle this summer and gave away a Harley Davidson motorcycle. Proceeds of the raffle went to the YMCA of the Cedar Rapids Metropolitan Area resulting in a $3,000 donation. The Angels donated six laptop computers to the YMCA to replace the ones they lost in the flood. The YMCA was recently reopened to serve the community.

Jack Roeder of the Kernels can give you more details, but the Kernels helped raise over $67,000 for flood relief this summer and used the ball park for distributing school supplies to students, preparing food for the Meals on Wheels program and many other activities. Veterans Memorial Stadium was indeed a multi-purpose facility this summer.

Thanks again to you and your FutureAngels.com readers for your help. Cedar Rapids is working hard to recover and make CR an even better place to live, work, play and cheer on the Kernels. I enjoy checking your website and look forward to meeting you during your next visit to CR.

Gary Keoppel
The Kernels Foundation

I just wanted to say I’m very proud of all of you, including BeesGal, the Quakes and Owlz Booster Club for stepping up to the plate to help the people of Cedar Rapids when it mattered most. You did good.


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