Angels Minor League Free Agents

Minor league free agents for all teams have been announced, courtesy of Baseball America. The Angels’ free agents are:

Los Angeles Angels (13)
Henry Bonilla (AAA), Dan Denham (AA), Yosandy Ibanez (AA)
1B: Michael Collins (AA)
2B: Adam Morrissey (AAA)
3B: Ricky Alvarez (R), Corey Smith (AA)
SS: Gary Patchett (AAA)
OF: Dee Brown (AAA), Jordan Czarniecki (AA), Adam Greenberg (AA), Brian Stavisky (AA), Chris Walker (AAA)

A player has the right to take his free agency if he’s completed six full seasons in the minor leagues and isn’t on the parent club’s 40-man roster. That’s why you see mostly Double-A and Triple-A guys listed for all teams.

Just because they’re free agents doesn’t mean they can’t return. For the Angels, Michael Collins and Adam Morrissey were free agents a year ago.

Perusing the BA list, I see some familiar names. Former Angels given their free agency and their team are:

ATLANTA — Jonathon Rouwenhorst

CHICAGO CUBS — Hector Carrasco

CHICAGO WHITE SOX — Joe Torres, Jeff DaVanon

CLEVELAND — Jeff Weaver

COLORADO — Brian Esposito

FLORIDA — Tommy Murphy

HOUSTON — Nick Gorneault

L.A. DODGERS — Eric Cyr, Bob Zimmermann

N.Y. METS — Willie Collazo



TAMPA BAY — Steve Andrade, Johnny Raburn

WASHINGTON — Greg Porter


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