Angels in Arizona

Photo of Angels players in Arizona Fall League
Left to right: outfielder Chris Pettit, catcher Tim Duff, pitcher Nick Green, pitcher Barret Browning (with a bat!), pitcher David Herndon and first baseman Mark Trumbo. They’re wearing Scottsdale Scorpions caps, one of the six teams in the AFL. Photo courtesy Cheryl Perdew.


Cheryl Perdew of the

Rancho Cucamonga Quakes Booster Club
sent me the above photo of the six Angels players who participated in Arizona Fall League this year.

Cheryl is one of those selfless fans who sacrifices so much to help ball players along in their careers, asking nothing in return. Rancho Cucamonga, Cedar Rapids and Orem are blessed to have booster clubs and host parent programs to help along the young players.

She’s been at it for so long, the players automatically recognized her when she showed up at the ballpark and asked them to line up for a group photo.

I’m often asked why I do my gig although I lose a couple thousand dollars a year doing it. This is why. These young men are like family, and most of them will embrace you as part of their family.

Cheryl, like so many others who get no public recognition, is also family.

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