We’re #4

I’ve never really cared much for measuring traffic on FutureAngels.com or on this blog. Some fan sites obsess over hits and unique visitors, misinterpreting those numbers for popularity or quality of content. Many professional web site designers will tell you it’s a sure sign of amateurism to have a hit counter or to brag about number of hits on a site.

Nonetheless, I was stunned this evening to receive a notice from MLBlogs.com that the FutureAngels.com Blog is the fourth-highest read fan blog on their service.

The main reason I was shocked is that, when I see rankings for fan sites, the ones for Red Sox, Yankees and Cubs fans seem to far outrank the rest. The West Coast blogs usually are near the bottom with also-rans like Kansas City and Pittsburgh. (No knock intended on those blogs; it’s just that your fans either are less passionate or have better things to do with their lives than blog all night long.)

Yet there we are, right with the New York and Boston fans.

As Dick Enberg would say, “Oh, my.”

Thank you to all of you who read this blog. It’s nice to know so many people enjoy reading more than just the endless rants and insult exchanges that ruin many blogs and fan boards. There’s a place on the Internet for intelligent discourse after all.


One comment

  1. sferraci@pacbell.net

    Stephen, I read all of your blogs. I really enjoy your analysis and perspective with regards to the Angels. Keep up the good work.

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