2009 Quakes Youth Clinic

Mike Scioscia and Troy Glaus
Mike Scioscia and Troy Glaus at the original Angels-Quakes crossover promotion on January 29, 2001. Yes, they were cold.


UPDATE January 19, 2009Click Here to watch video of the youth clinic. Windows Media Player and a broadband (cable modem, DSL) Internet connection required.

The Rancho Cucamonga Quakes held their seventh annual winter youth baseball clinic today at The Epicenter.

This event had its origins in the original affiliation between the Angels and Quakes, signed in the fall of 2000. The Quakes wanted the Angels to do some events in their ballpark, an exhibition game in particular. The Angels said no, but offered to have some workouts at The Epicenter before the players reported to spring training in Tempe.

That turned out to be a bit of a bust, as few of the players on the major league roster lived out in the Inland Empire. The rest didn’t want to make the drive out from Orange County. Troy Percival (Riverside) and Troy Glaus (Norco) showed up, but otherwise it was just local minor leaguers. The fans were disappointed and so was management.

In 2003, the promotion changed to a youth clinic held on a Saturday in January. Children between six and thirteen could participate for free. The instructors were usually a combination of minor league coaches and players. One constant has been former Angels pitcher Clyde Wright, who every year has taught pitching. In recent years, Angels bullpen catcher Steve Soliz has taught baserunning (go figure; but he’s good at it).

This year, the minor league players who taught included Efren Navarro, Ryan Mount, Anthony Norman and Andrew Romine.

Below are photos from the event. I’ll post some video when I have the time.


Steve Soliz
Angels bullpen catcher Steve Soliz lectures about baserunning.


Outfielder Anthony Norman and scout Bo Hughes
2008 Quakes outfielder Anthony Norman and Angels scout Bo Hughes teach the basics of outfield defense.


Shortstop Andrew Romine
2008 Kernels shortstop Andrew Romine hits a ground ball. Note the hand-drawn Angels logo on the ball.


Ryan Mount, Efren Navarro, Andrew Romine and Anthony Norman
Left to right, the four players who taught instruction today — Ryan Mount, Efren Navarro, Andrew Romine and Anthony Norman.


The group photo at the end of the event.
The group photo at the end of the event. Click on the photo to see it at a larger size.

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