“Odd Man Out”: Jenks Denies Meeting McCarthy

Bobby Jenks
Matt McCarthy claimed that he met Bobby Jenks during the summer of 2002 at the Angels’ minor league complex in Mesa, Arizona.


Bobby Jenks told the Chicago Tribune that he never met Matt McCarthy, the author of Odd Man Out. According to the Tribune:

Closer Bobby Jenks dismissed comments about him during his stint in the Los Angeles Angels’ organization in a recent issue of Sports Illustrated.

“It’s just someone trying to make some money,” Jenks said.

In an excerpt of “Odd Man Out,” a book to be published later this year, minor league pitcher Matt McCarthy wrote of one instance where Jenks arrived 15 minutes late to practice and was sarcastically greeted by Angels minor league field coordinator Bruce Fields.

“Just trying to help the Angels win a World Series,” Jenks was quoted as saying.

Jenks said he never met McCarthy and that he was alerted of the book and the unflattering comments by Angels scout Tom Kotchman and his son Casey Kotchman, who now plays for the Atlanta Braves.

In the story, McCarthy alleged that Jenks told him that faking a back injury would get him out of weight lifting. The story adds that Jenks alleged that former teammate Derrick Turnbow was on steroids and that he was a bargain for the Angels after signing a $175,000 bonus.

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UPDATE February 16, 2009The Chicago Sun-Times weighs in with a more lengthy article about Jenks in the book.

“I got a chance to read most of it, even all the way through it, and without my name in there, you can tell this guy is making a lot of crap up,” Jenks said. “When I got the opportunity to come (to the Sox), it was a wake-up call. And the situation of how I was released (by the Angels), I’ve grown up a lot since I’ve had issues in the minor leagues. And I’ve become a better person, a better man, a better husband and father. That’s why it was kind of surprising at this time in my life, when everything is good, that something like this would happen.”

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