“Odd Man Out”: Matt McCarthy on NECN TV

Matt McCarthy appeared earlier today on NECN TV. Click Here to go to the NECN page with the video clip.

McCarthy backpeddles on the accusation that Tom Kotchman wanted Alex Dvorsky to use steroids, saying the coaches didn’t want the players to use steroids. He also retracts his claim that he stays in touch with his teammates, saying he only stays in touch with a few former college and pro ballplayers.

Regarding the New York Times article exposing inaccuracies in the book, he repeats the same spin from his KPCC FM appearance last week. He claims that any inaccuracies are minor, just inconsistencies like who made the last out in an inning.

That is clearly a lie, because as I showed on Friday an incident he claimed happened in Ogden couldn’t have possibly happened. The Times documented many more examples, such as claims about what certain people did on a road trip only they weren’t with the team on that road trip.

McCarthy also states that he and his publisher offered the Times a “point-by-point rebuttal” prior to publication, but that the Times refused. But the Times authors wrote, “He declined to show how those journals corroborated his stories.”

McCarthy said he and his publisher stand by the book, and it won’t be withdrawn.

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One comment

  1. xjack1@yahoo.com

    I’m sorry, but accusing McCarthy of “backpeddl(ing) on the accusation that Tom Kotchman wanted Alex Dvorsky to use steroids” is sort of like accusing McCarthy of backpedaling on the accusation that Tom Kotchman is an alien. Neither accusation is actually in the book.

    If you’d actually read the book, you’d know that McCarthy never claimed to know whether Kotchman’s comments to Dvorsky (about needing to hit with more power) were some type of coded message — only that this was Dvorsky’s interpretation.

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