Managing the Future Angels

Tom Kotchman
Tom Kotchman leads the Angels organization in career minor league winning percentage and games managed.


I mentioned on Saturday that I’m working on the Database to add team and manager statistics for every year in the history of the Angels’ minor leagues, which began in 1961.

I just finished inputting the data, so I can begin running queries. Eventually you’ll be able to do this yourself, but I wanted to give you a couple of fun numbers.

Here’s the first query … Who were the most successful Angels minor league managers?

The specific query was, give me the career win-loss percentages for all minor league managers who managed at least 500 games in our system.

Here are the Top 10, with career win-loss and winning percentage:

  1. Tom Kotchman 1,340-1,010 (.570)
  2. Del Rice 306-252 (.548)
  3. Jimy Williams 371-316 (.540)
  4. Harry Dunlop 282-243 (.537)
  5. Rocky Bridges 295-266 (.526)
  6. Moose Stubing 723-662 (.522)
  7. Garry Templeton 294-272 (.519)
  8. Max Oliveras 500-467 (.517)
  9. Chuck Tanner 561-537 (.511)
  10. Don Long 698-697 (.500)

Some of you may recall that Tom Kotchman notched his 1,500th career win in 2008. He managed in the Tigers and Red Sox systems before joining the Angels in 1984.

Here are the Top 10 in total games managed:

  1. Tom Kotchman 2,350
  2. Don Long 1,395
  3. Moose Stubing 1,385
  4. Mitch Seoane 1,381*
  5. Mario Mendoza 1,241
  6. Bill Lachemann 1,134
  7. Chuck Tanner 1,098
  8. Max Oliveras 967
  9. Ty Boykin 944*
  10. Bobby Magallanes 698

* The career totals for Mitch Seoane and Ty Boykin are overstated. Seoane was fired on May 5, 2000 as manager of the Cedar Rapids Kernels and replaced by Boykin, who was the hitting coach. I don’t have the season split (yet) for each, so all I was able to do was credit both with the Kernels’ 2000 win-loss record. This problem occurred with a few other season records; my source is the Encyclopedia of Minor League Baseball by Baseball America, which for each team simply shows their win-loss record for a year along with all its managers for that season. I’ve already been told these listings may be inaccurate, so I have more research to do. But it’s a start.

These lists really show just how incredible a career Tom Kotchman has had, leading the organization in both total games managed and winning percentage.

Also of note are all the people who went on to big-league managing careers. Chuck Tanner is probably best known for his run with the Pittsburgh Pirates; his major-league career win-loss record is 1,352-1,381 (.495). Jimy Williams managed three clubs, and has a career record of 910-790 (.535). Del Rice was an original Angel in 1961, and managed the team in 1972.

I’m hoping to give you the ability to generate lists showing things like winning percentage by city, by level, stuff like that.

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