“Odd Man Out”: Gelf Magazine Interview

Gelf Magazine has a lengthy interview with Odd Man Out author Matt McCarthy. Click Here to read the interview.

McCarthy continues to peddle the line that any inaccuracies are simply mistaken dates. But as I documented on March 6, it’s a lot more than the wrong date on the calendar. Key events in the book simply couldn’t have happened.

One comment

  1. mwlfan38


    I see you’re still beating this dead horse beyond total recognition yet you haven’t addressed my post in the “Thin ‘N That” entry.

    McCarthy’s had his 15 minutes. We all know that. You can quit your crusade anytime and get back to more pressing matters like things people actually care about. Like, I don’t know, guys who still play for the Angels?

    We get it. You looooove the Angels. You took it as a personal affront that McCarthy would dare say anything bad about the organization. Out of deep love and respect you covered up things like the Rally Schlong because, well, people just didn’t need to know any of that stuff. No, we’d much rather read about your eternal man-crush on Tom Kotchman in every other post. Yada yada yada…

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