Rule 5’ers Update

Miguel Gonzalez
Miguel Gonzalez is lost to the Red Sox for the year after undergoing Tommy John surgery.


Last December, the Angels lost three minor league pitchers in the Rule 5 draft. Miguel Gonzalez was selected by the Red Sox, Robert Mosebach by the Phillies, and Darren O’Day by the Mets.

Rule 5 requires that the drafting team keep the player on the major league roster for a year, or offer him back to his old club for $25,000. The only exception is if the player is on the disabled list.

It looks like Miggie Gonzalez will be a Red Sox (Sock?) thanks to the latter loophole, although it’s not a good thing. Miggie underwent Tommy John surgery last month and is out for the year.

Bobby Mosebach may get his halo back. The Phillies have offered him back to the Angels for $25,000, half the original purchase price, per Rule 5 rules.

Darren O’Day is still in the mix to make the Mets bullpen, having recovered from last year’s labrum tear. O’Day is yet another Tom Kotchman find to make the big leagues.

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