Hoyt Wilhelm!

My wife really doesn’t follow baseball other than watching the Angels on TV with me, so she doesn’t know much about the history of the game. That means she never knows the answer to trivia questions, so a few years ago I jokingly told her to guess “Hoyt Wilhelm” because
he had such a long and interesting career

It’s actually worked on occasion, and has become a running joke between us. Anytime a trivia question is posed on a baseball telecast, she’ll say, “Hoyt Wilhelm!”

Today we had an inspector in the house as part of our escrow process. He saw the Angels memorabilia on the wall and asked who was the Angels fan. He said his dad had played for the Angels in the 1960s. I asked who. He said his dad was Ed Kirkpatrick, a catcher-outfielder who signed in June 1962.

After discussing my project to write a book about the history of the Angels minor leagues, we talked about where his dad went after he left the Angels. Ed was traded to the Royals in December 1968. I asked who the Angels got in return; he couldn’t recall, so I picked up an Angels Media Guide to look it up.

You guessed it … Hoyt Wilhelm!

So I turned to my wife and said, “Guess who his dad was traded for, and the hint is the possible answer to every trivia question.”

She said, “Hoyt Wilhelm!”

Once again proving my theory …

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