Notes from Tempe, Day 2

Orangel Arenas
Orangel Arenas was the starting pitcher today for the Tempe Angels against the Phoenix A’s.


Another typical day at the Tempe Diablo minor league complex.

Rehabs everywhere. John Lackey threw about 45 pitches in his bullpen session. He warmed up playing catch with Ervin Santana, who had his own bullpen session yesterday.

Click Here to watch a video clip of Lackey’s bullpen session. You need Windows Media Player and a broadband (cable modem, DSL) Internet connection to watch.

Lackey’s session was a bit more deliberate and methodical than Santana’s. John took his time, pacing himself, and in the end faced three phantom batters in a simulated inning. His catcher was Ivan Villaescusa, who was the backup catcher last year at Orem.

Bill Lachemann, longtime manager and coach in the Angels system, returned from a brief illness. He’s one of the three Lachemann brothers in professional ball. Marcel once managed the Angels, and brother Rene managed the Seattle Mariners, Milwaukee Brewers and Florida Marlins. Bill is currently a special assignment catching instructor.

The Tempe Angels defeated the Phoenix A’s, 3-2. As with yesterday’s game, these are strictly informal affairs. A manager can call “roll over” if his pitcher falls behind in his pitch count, and that happened again today with Orangel Arenas in the first inning.

There doesn’t seem to be much power on the Tempe bench. The big hit today was a 2-RBI single by catcher Braulio Pardo with the bases loaded.

Other Angels pitchers today were Baudilio Lopez, Ariel Pena and Starlin Feliz. I have video of all of them, which I’ll get around to posting eventually.

Click Here to watch today’s game highlights.

Santana is scheduled for a rehab start tomorrow. The schedule is being rearranged to accommodate his start. The scheduled exhibition game against the Cubs at Mesa has been moved to Thursday at 10:30 AM. Thursday’s camp game will be tomorrow at 9 AM, so Santana can pitch in a controlled environment. Lackey is tentatively scheduled to pitch the Cubs game at Mesa on Thursday.

I’ll shoot video of Santana’s start, but I’m heading home for California right after the game so it may be a day or so before I can get the video online.


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