Coast to Coast: The Eagle Has Landed

We arrived in Cape Canaveral around 3 PM EDT on Wednesday June 3. We’ve been super busy settling into our oceanfront condo, so I haven’t had time to post until now.

Until we find a home, we’re renting a fully furnished 1,600 square foot fourth floor condo in a complex on the Atlantic Ocean. Sticker shock?! It’s $1,600 per month.

I walked out to the beach this morning and shot some photos, which you can see below.

We finally got high-speed Internet Thursday night. This morning we got our advanced cable TV package, specifically with MLB Extra Innings so I can watch the Angels. It’ll take a while, though, to get used to the time zone change. Home games will be on at 10 PM EDT so I’ll have to record the games and watch them the next morning.

The first game tonight was the Angels at Detroit. It’s the local telecast, so I get to watch my buddy Mario Impemba. Mario was the Angels’ radiocaster in the late 1990s through 2001, when he left to accept the TV job with his hometown Detroit Tigers. It’s pretty eerie watching Mario calling our game instead of the Angels broadcasters.

The weather here is as I hoped — predictably unpredictable.

It’s rained each day so far. Today we were at Merritt Square Mall leaving the movie theater when a low black menacing cloud starting moving toward us. The wind really picked up, and a few minutes later it was pouring. It was that way for nearly an hour.

But it made for a perfect evening. We went for a walk on the beach, up to the jetty where the cruise ships leave Port Canaveral for the open sea. North of that are the old launch pads used during the Mercury and Gemini era in the 1960s. And beyond that are the Shuttle launch pads.

A launch is scheduled for 7:13 AM EDT on June 13. I hope to videotape the launch and post it online.

Speaking of videos … A friend who works in the Astronaut Office at Kennedy Space Center e-mailed me two video clips.

You may recall that last week Atlantis landed at Edwards Air Force Base because of bad weather here at the Cape. When that happens, NASA flies the orbiter back to KSC on a 747. It’s quite a show, especially when they arrive in town.

The 747 flies up and down the coast and circles KSC so everyone can have a good look
. This video was shot by an employee in the parking lot of the Administration building. Click Here to watch.

Have you ever wondered what the view of a landing is like from inside the cockpit? This video is from a camera mounted in the orbiter as it lands. Click Here to watch.

Windows Media Player and a broadband (cable modem, DSL) Internet connection are required to watch the video clips.

For more on space events, I recommend the Flame Trench blog on the Florida Today web site.

Anyway, here are some photos from the first couple days.

The view from the condo balcony looking left (east) to the Atlantic Ocean.


Looking back at the condo from the beach. We’re in the building to the right, fourth floor, the open balcony facing towards the building on the left.


The view from the beach looking north towards the jetty. In the distance are the Delta unmanned rocket launch pads and the Cape Canaveral lighthouse. Notice the beach is fairly empty. Most of the tourist and college crowds go further south to Cocoa Beach. Here it’s mostly locals and retirees.


A flock of gulls take flight on the beach. In addition to the sea gulls, pelicans are very common. All other sorts of creatures are about; I saw a racoon this evening in the rocks by the jetty, and a couple of stray cats.


The Merritt Square Mall parking lot as a squall passed over the island.



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