Much Ado About Nothing

It’s endlessly astonishing how some people have the capacity to make something out of nothing.

In yesterday’s Bees game at Fresno, manager Bobby Mitchell started Brandon Wood at first base and Sean Rodriguez at center field.

And hilarity has ensued.

Several fan sites have concluded that these changes must be of cosmic significance. And Los Angeles Times sportswriter Steve Bisheff has chosen to fuel the supernova.

Bisheff wrote in today’s blog:

Something is stirring in the Angels’ front office.

How else do you explain the startling news that in Salt Lake City’s game last night, Brandon Wood started at first base and Sean Rodriguez in center field?

Wood is a shortstop/third baseman by trade, and never had made a professional start at first base. Rodriguez is a versatile sort who has played some outfield, but he is projected as a second baseman.

You don’t experiment like this for no reason. Clearly, the Angels are thinking about making a move, maybe for the second half of this season.

Oh, puh-leeze.

It’s very common for the Angels to have their Triple-A players enhance their résumés by playing occasionally at other positions. It gives the player a little more experience at a position he might have to play should he be called up to the majors.

One recent example is Howard Kendrick. When he was called up in 2006, it was as an emergency to play first base. Howie had been a second baseman his entire career, but the Angels gave him a little time at first base in Salt Lake anticipating a need for him to play first in Anaheim. It got his bat in the lineup while keeping Adam Kennedy at second base.

Sean Rodriguez has played center field before, with Double-A Arkansas in 2007. The Angels have always envisioned him as a utility player — there was a time when some wanted to convert him into a catcher — so time in CF is entirely normal. With the recent injury to Chris Pettit, it makes sense that Sean would see more time in the outfield.

The bottom line is not to read anything into last night’s box score. It’s routine for Triple-A.

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