Baseball America on Angels’ Draft Picks

For Baseball America subscribers, Click Here to read detailed analyses of each player selected by the Angels Tuesday in the first three rounds of the draft.

Here are capsule summaries based on the BA report, with the number indicating their overall slot in the draft:

#24 Randal Grichuk — A name none of the self-anointed experts on professional, amateur and fan sites had associated with the Angels, so I like this pick just for that reason. Grichuk has a track record as a right-handed power hitter with a below average arm and speed, which suggests a future in left field. BA describes him as “pull-oriented” but has “strong hands and bat speed.”

#25 Mike Trout — MLB Network had Trout in studio last night, as they’re based in New Jersey where Trout lives. Mike had to live through the indignity of the talking heads focusing on him as each pick went by without him being selected, but the Angels saved him. He’s a right-handed outfielder who, according to BA, started experimenting with switch-hitting during his senior year. BA says he had a problem with flailing on sliders but has calmed his approach and shown the ability to hit line drives to all fields, although “his swing still gets loopy and long at times.”

#40 Tyler Skaggs — A left-handed pitcher out of Santa Monica High School, BA describes him as “thin and lanky” at 6’4″ 180 lbs. His velocity is only in the 88-91 MPH range, although BA believes he’ll eventually develop mid-90s velocity. He has an “over-the-top rainbow curveball” and has toyed with a slider and changeup.

#42 Garrett Richards — A right-handed pitcher out of the University of Oklahoma, Richards has mid-90s velocity, “a mid-80s slider with bite,” a “power curveball” and a changeup. But BA notes that Richards never posted an ERA below 6.30 in college. He tends to fly open in his delivery and has trouble throwing strikes. If he signs early enough, my guess is he goes to Orem to work with longtime pitching coach Zeke Zimmerman, or if the Angels want him in a more developmental environment he’ll go to Tempe with coach Trevor Wilson.

#48 Tyler Kehrer — The first of three southpaws selected by the Angels. A junior out of Eastern Illinois, BA describes him as “a work in progress” with low-90s velocity and an “improved” slider. BA says he needs to improve his changeup and command to project as a starter, otherwise he more likely projects to a big-league bullpen role.

#80 Pat Corbin — If he’s out of Chipola, he’s a Tom Kotchman pick. Chipola, in the Florida Panhandle, is Kotch’s alma mater and his scouting territory. BA describes him as “the state’s top juco pitching prospect” with a 6’3″ 170 lbs. frame. His velocity is typically in the high 80s to low 90s with a “solid-average fastball.” BA says his changeup has “made real progress” and he’s developing a breaking ball.

#110 Josh Spence — A native Aussie who played this year for Arizona State, Spence has mid-80s velocity which he uses to set up four off-speed pitches.  BA describes his changeup and slider as “legitimate plus pitches,” and believes his velocity can improve with proper coaching.

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