Coast to Coast: You Know You’re in Cape Canaveral When …

We were awakened at 7 AM this morning by one NASA T-38 jet after another roaring above the beach here in Cape Canaveral. No doubt a Shuttle crew announcing their arrival to the world. (They’re known as “blue suits” to those who work on the program.)

We went out scouting locations yesterday for Saturday morning’s launch of STS-127, scheduled for 7:17 AM EDT (4:17 AM PDT). I’m hoping to videotape the launch and post it online so you get a different flavor than the usual footage you see on TV.

As everyone warned us, it’s hot and humid here. When we don’t have thunderstorms in the afternoon, it’s pretty miserable as the storms burn off the humidity. But nothing’s in the forecast for a few days.

My computer and peripherals arrived yesterday on the moving van, so life is good again. We go house hunting tomorrow.

Oh, one last space geek note … We bought annual passes for the Kennedy Space Center (KSC) visitor complex. A one-day ticket is $38, the annual pass is $50. That’s a real deal, because you can hop the tour bus any time so when something special is happening like moving the Shuttle stack out to the pad on the crawler you can see it up close.


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