Coast to Coast: Launches

I’ve posted a video I filmed of Thursday’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter launch. You need Windows Media Player and a broadband Internet connection to watch. Click Here to watch the video. It’s filmed from the pier at Jetty Park in Cape Canaveral.

Until we buy a home (now targeted for the end of July), we’re living in a condo rental on the Cape Canaveral beach just south of Port Canaveral, where the cruise lines sail in and out. In the video, you’ll see one of the Disney cruise ships depart. You’ll also see the long beach south of Jetty Park where I go running. The view north of the pier is obscured by a berm, so you can’t see the launch pad, but you do see the rocket right after it launches.

The launch was delayed by an attempt to launch the Space Shuttle earlier in the week, and then by a nearby lightning storm. The rocket was cleared to launch at 5:32 PM EDT. The clouds, unfortunately, swallowed the rocket about ten seconds after launch, although you do eventually hear the roar of the engines on the video.

A Delta IV rocket launch is scheduled for Friday this week just before sundown. I’m going to try another location to see if I can get a better angle. If the launch were mid-day, I could take the Kennedy Space Center tour bus to an observation tower that overlooks both the Shuttle pads and the Delta pads at the Air Force station. With an annual pass, I can take the bus any time I want during operating hours.

I’d say “Too cool,” except it’s in the mid-90s here and the humidity makes it feel like mid-100s. We need thunderstorms to burn off the humidity and lower the heat, but none are forecast for today.

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