Coast to Coast: History in the Making

The 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission is this month.

(For the uninformed, Apollo 11 was the first mission where humans walked on the Moon.)

Because Apollo 11 launched from here in Space Coast, a number of ceremonies and celebrations are planned. You may see some specials on television, but there’s on airing on the local PBS station WBCC that you probably won’t see elsewhere in the county.

Click Here to go to the Florida Today blog entry with an embedded copy of this 30-minute documentary. What makes it unique is that it’s about what was happening here in Space Coast at the time of the Apollo missions. There’s a lot of home footage, local TV footage, interviews with local workers, and other information you won’t get anywhere else.

The next Space Shuttle mission, STS-127, is scheduled for launch this Saturday at 7:39 PM EDT. If they go, I’ll be out there with my camcorder to videotape it and place it online. STS-127 will launch from the same pad as Apollo 11.

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