This ‘N That

After a couple months on the inactive list due to the Florida move, I’m starting to get in the groove again. I’m going to Orem for the July 24-26 games.

I’ve received inquiries asking if I’m going to Tempe for Randal Grichuk, Michael Trout and crew. I’d like to go, but my concern is that if I go in mid-August they may have been promoted to Orem by then. I’m hoping to go to fall instructional league in late September, and I’m fairly confident they’ll be part of that, so I may wait until then.

I may also go to Cedar Rapids for their playoff series in September, but we’ll see.

If you were one of the players at extended spring training April 27-29 when I was there for photography, I’m finally starting to post those photos online. Check the Digital Photo Gallery for your photos. I’m about halfway through, so give it a couple weeks if you don’t see anything.

As for reprint sales, I’m still not quite at that point. I’m looking for a vendor who will do a volume rate discount as did my photo lab in California. I have a candidate and if all goes well I’ll start accepting orders again in a week or two.

While on the subject of monetary compensation, let me remind everyone once again that survives on your donations. I don’t run ads, I don’t charge for any of my services. I lose a couple thousand dollars a year, mostly due to travel costs, preserving memories for players and their loved ones. I do accept donations, so if you enjoy and want to help it continue then please consider either a voluntary subscription ($5.00/month) or a one-time donation. Click Here for more information about how to donate.

Here in Florida, I’m making contacts to start up a similar operation. It’ll be called but don’t bother checking the web site, there’s nothing there yet. The idea is to follow the format but apply it to professional and amateur baseball here in the Space Coast.

Here’s the web site for the Space Coast Office of Tourism, if you want to learn more about the region.

Today’s local paper had an article about a startup winter league here called, appropriately enough, the Florida Winter Baseball League. The idea is to have an American version of the winter leagues in the Caribbean, Puerto Rico, Mexico and Venezuela.

I think it’s a great idea, especially given how increasingly dangerous it’s become for both locals and foreigners in Venezuela. And considering how many Floridians play pro ball, this would be a great opportunity for them to play during the winter to make a little money. It would also give scouts a chance to see some players they may not otherwise see.

The main problem, in my opinion, will be attendance. Ten years ago, four California League teams staged a post-season circuit called the California Fall League. ( was its official web site.) The CFL was a financial disaster, in part because Major League Baseball failed to subsidize it but also because attendance was abysmal. Sports fans were distracted by the World Series, football and basketball.

I fear the FWBL will have the same problem. Baseball seems to be third in these parts anyway behind football and basketball, and maybe behind water sports. So getting people to watch unknowns in November-January will be tough. I hope the league has deep pockets so they can give it time to establish itself.

If they could get a little seed money from MLB (fat chance of that), it would be a lot easier. I think the league would be of help to MLB teams. Using the Angels as an example, they could suggest their Floridian minor leaguers play in the FWBL, knowing Tom Kotchman is down here to keep an eye on them. It could be an extension of the four-week fall instructional league, providing lots more time for minor leaguers to work on skills.

It’s one of those ideas that makes so much sense, it’ll probably never happen.


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