Splitting Brandon Wood, Revisited

Brandon Wood
Brandon Wood homered Saturday against Yankees’ left-hander Andy Pettitte.


Back on June 15 I wrote a blog looking at Brandon Wood’s 2009 offensive numbers in the PCL’s five super hitter-friendly parks versus the rest of the league.

Brandon was promoted to the Angels July 10, and homered in the nationally televised game July 11 against the Yankees, so I thought it might be a good time to update his splits.

To restate the methodology … The Pacific Coast League has five super hitter-friendly ballparks — Salt Lake, Albuquerque, Colorado Springs, Las Vegas and Reno. These parks distort offensive numbers for PCL hitters, especially if the hitter’s home field is one of those five. When I write the annual FutureAngels.com Top 10 Prospects report, I use this unique split analysis to give a more accurate picture of Salt Lake players.

When I did the splits for Wood on June 15, the results were:

Hitter-Friendly: .338/.415/.669 (147 TPA)
Other: .178/.255/.400 (51 TPA)

The updated results:

Hitter-Friendly: .344/.398/.651 (216 TPA)
Other: .234/.286/.442 (84 TPA)

Better in the neutral/pitcher-friendly parks, but still not reassuring.

The Bees have some road trips the next two months that take them to those “other” parks. I was looking forward to those because they would give us a larger statistical sample. But hopefully Woody hits well with the Angels and never returns to Salt Lake.

It should also be noted that Brandon started Sunday’s game at first base. He had five starts at first base scattered over the last two months at Salt Lake. Los Angeles Times sports blogger Steve Bisheff breathlessly made a big deal out of this on June 9, but as I pointed out it’s not unusual for Triple-A players to get some experience at other positions to enhance their résumés in case they need to play another position in the majors.

That’s what happened on Sunday. The Angels were facing C.C. Sabathia, one of the most dominant left-handed pitchers in the majors, and Kendry Morales has had problems hitting lefties this year. So Mike Scioscia gave Kendry the day off and let Wood bat against Sabathia. But Kendry started Saturday against Andy Pettitte, a future Hall of Famer southpaw, so I wouldn’t count on Wood permanently replacing Morales any time soon.

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