Coast to Coast: Tea Time

Most minor league operations are wise enough not to mix baseball with politics, but the Brevard County Manatees made a big exception on the Fourth of July.

You might have heard in the news about the Tea Party movement, which began as anti-tax protests on April 15. I’ll bite my tongue and not comment on their cause, other than to say as someone who’s been active in local politics for decades that I don’t begrudge anyone who gets off their duff and becomes sincerely active in politics. Government is supposed to be a reflection of the majority’s will, and government tends to go awry when the people aren’t vigilant in assuring their elected officials are exacting their will.

Anyway, in the eleven years I’ve been doing, I can’t remember ever hearing of a minor league operation turning over its stadium on game day to a political movement.

Yet that’s what the Manatees did on Independence Day.

Click Here to read the Florida Today article about the Tea Party rally.

The paper published on July 12 a profile of the individual who organized the Tea Party. Click Here to read the July 12 article.

Comments posted on the paper’s web site and letters printed in the paper expressed a variety of opinions about the propriety of a baseball team turning over its operation to a political movement, with one person writing he’ll never attend another Manatees game.

Maybe the Manatees figured it was free publicity and it got people in the gate who might not otherwise come to a game.

All I gotta say is it left me scratching my head wondering why the Manatees would risk offending so many people. I don’t go to baseball for politics. I’d be offended even if it was my candidate or cause being promoted. Baseball is escapist entertainment. It just doesn’t seem like the proper venue to inject politics.


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