Coast to Coast: STS-127 Launch

Click Here to watch a video clip of today’s STS-127 Space Shuttle launch. Windows Media Player and a broadband (cable modem, DSL) Internet connection required.

After five aborts due to fuel leaks and bad weather, STS-127 finally launched this evening at 6:03 PM EDT.

(STS is NASA-speak for “Space Transportation System,” what the public knows as the Space Shuttle. The craft itself, e.g. Endeavour, is known as the orbiter although public often refers to it as the Shuttle.)

My wife and I found a nice spot to watch, recommended by a friend who works at NASA. It’s one of the few sites with a direct view of the launch pad, although this location is about ten miles away. In the video, you’ll notice that you don’t hear the roar of the launch until some time later, because sound travels about 1,100 feet per second. So that’s about five seconds per mile, and if we’re ten miles away … fifty seconds for the sound to reach us.

And now we return you to your regularly scheduled baseball blog …

One comment

  1. mrpar

    Steve, impressive photo. How is your fastball and can you get the ball over the plate? The Angels definitely need some help in this department. Perhaps it is time for a new General Manager to get the team some pitching. If the team chokes the last half of the season, that could be a distinct possibility. Good luck in Florida.

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