Homework Assignment

Former Lake Elsinore Storm mascot Hamlet in his prime, April 1998.


Three articles of interest on the Los Angeles Times web site that may interest you.

“Steve Dalkowski Had the Stuff of Legends” is written by Bull Durham writer-director Ron Shelton. He writes that Dalkowski was the loose inspiration for Nook LaLoosh. Dalkowski may be the fast throwing pitcher ever, but his career was ruined by alcohol.

“Lake Elsinore Storm Mascots are Born to Thrill” by Times columnist Bill Plaschke. Lake Elsinore was the Angels’ California League affiliate 1994-2000 before switching with the Padres for Rancho Cucamonga. The photo in the article shows Hamlet, the popular Storm sea serpent mascot in the 1990s. The costume looks a bit dingy. I sure wouldn’t want to be inside it. A trivia note … Although Hamlet had a regular performer, others were known to wear it. Mario Mendoza, Jr., the son of the major league shortstop/Storm manager and a future Angels minor league pitcher, wore it on occasion when hanging out with the team as a teenager. So did one of the twin teenage girls who were part of the Storm family; one dated Francisco Rodriguez, although I can’t remember which one wore the Hamlet outfit.

“A National Pastime for Only Half the Nation” by Times columnist Kurt Streeter. The article is about a writer who questions why women are forced to play softball and not their own brand of baseball. If this subject interests you, I’ll also refer you to the web site of Jean Hastings Ardell www.jeanardell.com, who wrote the landmark book Breaking Into Baseball: Women and the National Pastime, which you can order through Amazon.com among other places.

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