Notes from Orem, Day 2

The Owlz lost last night 6-0 to Casper, the worst team in the league. Center fielder Travis Witherspoon made two spectactular diving catches that would put Torii Hunter to shame.

Every team develops its own unique personality. I’ve only seen these players for two games, but so far they seem to be a fairly quiet bunch. Not that they don’t care. They obviously do. They spend a lot of time talking about what they’re learning from Tom Kotchman, Zeke Zimmerman and Mike Eylward. But they seem to still be a little in awe of pro ball, unlike last year’s Owlz which had a little swagger in their step.

I’ve posted some video clips and interviews. I have a lot to work through, so please be patient until I return home and can spend the week editing film. The video online so far:

Manager Tom Kotchman interview

Hitting coach Mike Eylward interview

Jean Segura double

Richard Cates scores from second on a bunt

One last note … The photo I posted yesterday of Braulio Pardo getting nailed in the derriere by a pitch is all the rage around the ballpark. A print is up in the Owlz clubhouse. A fan approached me after the game and wanted to know if it was online somewhere so she could send the link to others. Braulio seems to be getting more attention from this photo than if he’d hit a homer to win the game.

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