FutureAngels.com Resumes Photo Sales

As you may know, I suspended sales of FutureAngels.com photos when I moved from California to Florida.

Now that we’re settled into our new home and I’ve explored photo labs, I’m going to start accepting photo orders again.

Unlike Orange County, I’m finding that professional photo labs are few and far between here in the Space Coast. A new Sam’s Club recently opened about ten miles from here. Their prices are far cheaper than what I paid the photo lab in Irvine, although they don’t do glossy finish — only matte — and the paper quality isn’t quite as good as what I had in Irvine.

So I’ll pass along the price reduction to you.

8″x10″ photos used to be $8.00 apiece. Now they’re $3.00.

20″x30″ poster-size photos used to be $30. Now they’re $15.00.

I’m going to keep an eye out for a lab that offers glossy for the same prices, but where I live there’s nothing around.

Click Here to visit the FutureAngels.com Digital Photo Gallery.

Click Here to read ordering instructions.

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