Sean Rodriguez is the PTBNL in Kazmir Trade

Sean Rodriguez at shortstop for the Mesa Angels in July 2003, his first year as a professional ball player.


As I speculated this morning, Angels general manager Tony Reagins told the Orange County Register that Bees infielder Sean Rodriguez is the third player in the Scott Kazmir trade.

“I knew obviously what the cost was all along,” Reagins said. “The package was a package we felt was fair, based on Scott Kazmir’s age and the time period we had Scott under control.”

I’ve been warning on the Register blog and the Angels fan board for days that the PTBNL would be the biggest name of the three. Rodriguez will certainly challenge for the Rays’ second base job in 2010.

P.S. Congratulations to Mike DiGiovanna at the Los Angeles Times for being the first one to figure it out. Some fan sites are out there claiming they got the scoop, but it was DiGiovanna who posted last night that it was probably Rodriguez.


One comment

  1. raysfanboy

    I’m pretty enthused about this development. I wish we had hung on to Kaz for our playoff push and made this deal in the offseason, but I think the Rays made the best of the situation. This kid should be a mainstay at 2B for the future and if his talent develops the way it has while he’s been at AAA, then I think we might have gotten the better end of this one.

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