Coast to Coast: Home Plate


Now I officially live here.

My Florida license plate arrived Thursday.

Only here it’s not called a plate, it’s called a “tag.”

And, unlike California, you get only one.

The front can be whatever you want, just so long as it’s not another license plate, er, tag.

Anyway, I removed my old California plates and attached the Florida tag.

ATKSC stands for, “At Kennedy Space Center.” Everyone here knows what KSC is, but back in California they thought I was referring to fast-food chicken.

I kept the Anaheim Angels license plate frame. I don’t care what Arte Moreno says, the Angels are in Anaheim and that’s the way it’s going to remain on my car.

Most baseball fans here are transplants from New England. I encounter a lot of Yankees fans, Red Sox fans and Mets fans. I’ve yet to see another Angels cap or T-shirt.

When I moved here in June, I was out on the Jetty Park pier at Port Canaveral when someone wearing a Red Sox cap came up to me, pointed to the logo, and yelled, “This is the real deal, baby!” Then walked off.

I wonder where he’s sulking today.


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