The Game of the Week Returns

Nick Adenhart made his Pioneer League debut on September 5, 2005, pitching for Orem against Ogden.


As I do every off-season, the Angels Minor League Game of the Week returns today on It will run through the end of spring training, with a new game every Friday.

The idea is not only to get you through baseball withdrawal, but also to hopefully educate people more about the players in our minor league system. I archive the teams’ webcasts during the season and provide them with copies on CD-ROM, and in exchange I get to post them during the off-season.

This year, I’m going to start with a tribute to Nick Adenhart. The first four webcasts will be memorable games in Nick’s minor league career.

The first one is September 5, 2005. He’d just joined the Orem Owlz in Rookie-A, having completed his rehab from “Tommy John” surgery at our minor league complex in Arizona. Nick faced Orem’s rival, the Ogden Raptors.

Some other interesting tidbits from this game … Mark Trumbo hits two home runs. Marco Albano, who’s now a Double-A reliever pitching in the Arizona Fall League, was a utility player at the time and was in the lineup at second base.

The broadcasters … Um, I’m sorry.

The Owlz that year thought they would experiment by hiring two wanna-be stand-up comedians to be the broadcasters. They had no baseball broadcasting experience at all. The thinking was they would liven up the broadcasts by constantly making jokes.

In reality, not only did they know nothing about baseball, but also they were singularly unfunny.

Anyway, the link is on the home page at You need Windows Media Player to listen.

In December, we’ll start with 2009 season webcasts.

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