Baseball America’s Top 31 Angels Prospects

The Baseball America 2010 Prospect Handbook has shipped, listing who they think are the Angels’ top thirty prospects. As with last year, they also shipped a supplement adding one more player.

Click here to order the book and other BA publications.

The BA Top 31 are below. I do think it’s a bit silly, though, to publish such long lists. The BA Top 10 grew into the Top 20, then Top 30, and now Top 31. BA analysts admit privately that such long lists are meaningless, because once you get past twenty or so these players are so far on the fringe that ranking them really doesn’t mean much.

That’s why the Top 10 prospects list is limited to ten. Longer lists are really more an excuse to write about more players — which is fine, but I don’t see the point in ranking them.

BA studies a few years ago found that only 1 of 10 minor leaguers ever set foot in a big league dugout, and of those only 1 of 4 will last five years in the majors. Combine the numbers, and it tells you that only 1 of 40 players in a minor league system will be a major league regular. If in a typical year a minor league system has about 200 players under contract, the 1 in 40 rule means that only five will be major league regulars. The 1 in 10 means that 20 of them will get to the majors for at least one game. So I really can’t see the point in ad nauseam lists, other than to just talk about a lot of players who are unlikely to reach the majors.

And with that disclaimer, here’s the BA Top 31 list:

  1. Hank Conger C
  2. Peter Bourjos OF
  3. Mike Trout OF
  4. Trevor Reckling LHP
  5. Garrett Richards RHP
  6. Fabio Martinez RHP
  7. Randal Grichuk OF
  8. Tyler Skaggs LHP
  9. Jordan Walden RHP
  10. Trevor Bell RHP
  11. Mark Trumbo 1B/OF
  12. Pat Corbin LHP
  13. Jean Segura 2B
  14. Tyler Chatwood RHP
  15. Will Smith LHP
  16. Chris Pettit OF
  17. Alexi Amarista 2B
  18. Tyler Kehrer LHP
  19. Jon Bachanov RHP
  20. Carlos Ramirez C
  21. Ryan Chaffee RHP
  22. Rafael Rodriguez
  23. Bobby Mosebach RHP
  24. Mason Tobin RHP
  25. Rolando Gomez SS
  26. Bobby Wilson C
  27. Andrew Romine SS
  28. Ryan Mount 2B
  29. Clay Fuller OF
  30. Michael Kohn RHP
  31. Johnny Hellweg RHP

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