Sticky Fingers

While doing Google research the other day, I ran across something I’d written — but it had been reprinted on another site.

This wasn’t a quote. It was my entire column. It was reprinted as if that individual himself had written it.

I’m not the only victim. If you look through his site, he’s copying content wholesale from everywhere, articles and photos, passing them off as his own work.

I attempted to e-mail the responsible party at the address provided, but it bounced back with the error message, “No such user here.”

The WHOIS entry for this site lists the same bogus e-mail address. It says the site is registered to a William Day out of Rialto, California.

I tried contacting, the registrar for this site, but they say they only control the domain name, they don’t host his servers. An I.P. search by domain name server suggests he’s hosted by I’ve contacted them to file a complaint.

I’m going to track down this kleptomaniac and serve him with legal notice to stop the pilfering. In the meantime, if anyone knows who this person is and has a valid contact e-mail address I would greatly appreciate it. You can contact me at

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