More Photos of Statesville Stadium

Statesville, North Carolina baseball archivist Steve Hill sent me the below images from his collection that show the Statesville Stadium circa 1962. This would have been the year after the Angels had their inaugural Class D baseball team in Statesville.




These are not photos of the Angels players. Steve believes that some or all may be of the Statesville High School team. The Owls used the high school’s field. It’s still the high school field today except the grandstands are gone.

The photos give us a much better look at what the stadium structure itself looked like in the Angels’ era.

When I visited Statesville last month, I brought home a copy of home movie footage filmed in 1961 by the family of Janet Fox, who is the wife of Owls’ player Jerry Fox. Click here to watch the video. Because the original film was 8mm, there’s no sound, but it’s our first (and so far only) look at the 1961 Owls in color.

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