Old and New Jerseys

When I was in Cedar Rapids last May, I noticed a number of jerseys had been mounted on the wall in the main hallway along the executive offices and suites. Some of these were jerseys that once belonged to future Angels, while others were from old Cedar Rapids teams. I took photos of each one, which are below.

Nick Adenhart’s road jersey.


The road jersey worn by Erick Aybar, Alexi Casilla and Sean Rodriguez.


An alternate jersey worn by Alberto Callaspo.


These jerseys are from various times in Cedar Rapids minor league history.

<img src="http://www.futureangels.com/digital/gallery10/05/s100503_4c.jpg&quot;


<img src="http://www.futureangels.com/digital/gallery10/05/s100503_5c.jpg&quot;


<img src="http://www.futureangels.com/digital/gallery10/05/s100503_6c.jpg&quot;


<img src="http://www.futureangels.com/digital/gallery10/05/s100503_7c.jpg&quot;


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