The Playoff Picture (as of September 21)

After nine innings of the deciding game in a best-of-five series, the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes and San Jose Giants were tied 6-6. In a way, it would have been fitting to call the series at that point and award co-championships, declaring the teams had fought to a draw.

But as we know, there are no ties in baseball, a champion must be declared, and so on they went to extra innings.

Quakes closer Eddie McKiernan took the mound, his third appearance in four days, and gave up a triple that scored on a sacrifice fly. To the bottom of the 10th, the Giants led 7-6.

In the bottom of the 10th, Mike Trout was hit by a pitch with two outs. He stole second and advanced to third on a bad throw. But Darwin Perez struck out, and San Jose captured the flag.

Thus ended what might have been the last game played by Rancho Cucamonga as an Angels affiliate. The Inland Valley Daily Bulletin reported on September 15 that Brett Sports & Entertainment, the Quakes’ owners, may terminate the affiliation to sign with the Dodgers, who are currently at San Bernardino (called Inland Empire). The Angels would probably replace the Dodgers in San Bernardino, and if so it would be the first affiliation change for the Angels since after the 2000 season.

Some Quakes players continue on to the Angels’ fall instructional league in Tempe. Current Quakes going to “fall ball” include pitchers Orangel Arenas, Ryan Chaffee, Matt Oye, Dillon Baird, Luis Jimenez, Eric Oliver, and Mike Trout.

Seven Angels properties will play in the Arizona Fall League — Ryan Brasier, Robert Fish, Steven Geltz, Eddie McKiernan, Andre Romine, Brandon Wood and Jeremy Moore.

As for, I’ll be going to the instructional league for the October 11-15 games.

Once the major league season ends, we’ll start posting the Minor League Game of the Week, which are rebroadcasts of Angels minor league games I’ve archived over the years. These webcasts help with Angels withdrawals over the winter, but they’re also a way to listen to Angels minor league history.

Is it spring yet?

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