Angels, Inland Empire Agree to Two-Year  Affiliation

The Inland Empire 66ers issued a press release today announcing a two-year affiliation with the Angels.

That means the Cincinnati Reds are doomed, er, bound for Bakersfield.

According to the release:

A formal press conference will be announced in the coming weeks where fans and members of the media can come meet and greet the new partners at the new home of the Angels High-A affiliate in the Inland Empire.

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  1. crzblue2

    I read your No more Earthquake jokes” post and this one. I have never been to Rancho Cucamonga but I did make it to a game a year at San Bernardino. A friend of mine who is also a Dodger ticket holder (we sit in the same section), is very excited that the Dodgers are now affiliated with Rancho Cucamonga since she lives there. I missed the Dodger celebration there with Tommy Lasorda, Tommy Davis and Wes Parker ealier this week.

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