Notes from Tempe, Day 2

Meanwhile, in a parallel universe … Former Angels minor league coach Eric Owens and field coordinator Bruce Hines are now in Dodgers uniforms, coaching at their fall instructional league.


Eric Owens began fall instructional league as the Angels’ minor league outfield, baserunning and bunting coordinator.

He’ll end it as a Dodgers’ minor league instructor.

I’ve no idea how it happened, but E.O. got off the bus today with the rest of the Dodgers minor leagues for today’s instructional league game at Tempe Diablo.

With him was Bruce Hines, the longtime Angels minor league field coordinator. Hines left after the 2008 season to join the Seattle Mariners as their third base coach. A year later, he joined the Dodgers as Joe Torre’s third base coach.

Hines and Owens were warmly greeted by their former comrades, and it seemed a little weird to see them in Dodgers uniforms, especially at the Angels’ minor league complex. I’ve got think this is the first time a coach began the instructs with one team and ended it with another.

I filmed lots more video and shot lots more photos, but most of it will have to wait until I return home. I’ve had a problem all summer with elbow tendonitis, and it’s flaring up again, so any work at the computer is painful. Some photos from today are below, and you can click here to watch Andrew Heid’s homer.

The Angels won 4-1. Jeremy Cruz hit a solo homer to lead off the bottom of the 2nd, and scored three more in the bottom of the 8th, two on Heid’s dinger.

Today’s starting lineup:

1. Jean Segura SS
2. Travis Witherspoon CF
3. Jose Jimenez C
4. Jeremy Cruz RF
5. Roberto Lopez LF
6. Kaleb Cowart 3B
7. Kole Calhoun 1B
8. Carlos Ramirez DH
9. Wes Hatton 2B
P. Ryan Chaffee

Chaffee pitched four innings, allowing only one run in the 4th. I filmed the first three innings. Chaffee was followed by Brian Diemer, Max Russell and Loek Van Mil. Loek is the 7’1″ reliever acquired from the Minnesota Twins for Brian Fuentes.

Below are some photos from today’s instruction and game action. Tomorrow the Angels host the Giants.

Loek Van Mil is 7’1″ tall. Can you find him in this group photo? I thought you could.


Infielders practice a rundown drill.


Ryan Chaffee was the starting pitcher.


Jeremy Cruz homers to lead off the bottom of the 2nd.


Cruz rounds second as he circles the bases.


Cruz is congratulated by third base coach Brent Del Chiaro as he heads for home.


Third baseman Caleb Cowart was the Angels’ first pick in the June 2010 draft, and #18 overall.


Travis Witherspoon throws in the ball from center field.


Brian Diemer pitched the fifth and sixth innings.


Max Russell pitched the seventh and eighth innings.


Loek Van Mil pitched the ninth inning.


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