Hank Conger’s New Gag Reel

Hank Conger’s high school video, “Hank for President.”


Back in his high school senior year, before he was drafted by the Angels in June 2006, Hank Conger made a government program class gag video that wound up on YouTube (see above). Once discovered, it rippled through Angels fan boards. In May 2007, I recorded an audio interview with Hank in which he explained the video’s origins.

Now Hank has a sequel of sorts on YouTube, as discovered by the Halos Heaven web site:

Hank’s new video, “Domingo Ayala: Catching with Hank Conger.”


The video was produced for the Domingo Baseball Academy, which appears to be a gag. (Click “About” on the menu bar.) It also has Mark Trumbo in a video. Conger and Trumbo, both from Orange County, have been pals since both joined the Angels’ organization.


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