Minor League DH

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It’s time for another poll.

Should the designated hitter be used in the minor leagues?

The options are to the right.

The results of the last poll … Should the Angels trade their top prospects for a "big bat"?

  • Yes, whatever it takes 19%
  • No, that would be foolish 36%
  • I trust Bill Stoneman to do what’s right 45%

There were 140 votes cast.

I have to admit, I’m a bit stunned by these numbers. If you read the "fan" boards, all they ever seem to do is demand instant gratification and Stoneman’s immediate dismissal. These numbers seem to suggest that those boards don’t reflect anywhere near majority sentiment. Another possibility is that FutureAngels.com attracts a more patient audience, one who understands the importance of protecting the value of minor league prospects.

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