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Former Orem Owlz outfielder Trevor Pippin is with the FWBL’s Miami Diamantes. He plays the outfield and pitches in relief.


Not many articles lately, but then there hasn’t been much to write about.

I wanted to let you know that I have been busy on Angels stuff.

In particular, I’ve been researching the annual Top 10 Prospects report. Unlike other fan sites who write these reports, I go out to see these players myself, and I talk quite a bit with people in the organization to find out what they think are the prospects’ good and bad points.

Some statheads claim you can’t talk to the people who actually watch the players because they’re biased. Well, all I can say is that when I talk to staff on background they’re pretty honest with me. I can read a line of stats as much as anyone else, but without the context they’re meaningless.

This year, I have an extra advantage, a manager with another organization who saw some of our prospects. His opinions confirmed some of mine, but his insight also caused me to drop someone I wanted to include.

Look for the article somewhere around Thanksgiving.

If you’re a regular reader, you know I’ve been busy with the Florida Winter Baseball League. If that interests you, visit my other web site at

Six former Angels minor leaguers are in the FWBL. Stantrel Smith, Baron Short and Anthony Sullivan are here with the Space Coast Surge. Tyler Johnson and Trevor Pippin are down in Miami with the Diamantes. Chris Garcia is in Sanford with the Seminole County Naturals. We form somewhat of an Angels clique within the league, and FWBL management is well aware these are my kids. Their Surge teammates know there’s some sort of bond among us, although I’m not sure they know exactly what it is.

The Surge were at Seminole County this weekend. Chris Garcia homered off his former teammate, Baron Short. The next inning, I was walking past the Naturals dugout when Chris comes out to take his position at first base. He sees me and puts out his hand for a high five. I’m thinking, “Sure, but you just lit up Shorty.”

Now I know how the Weaver parents feel when Jared and Jeff square off.

For those of you who remember Trevor Pippin, he was an outfielder with Tempe and Orem. He’s still an outfielder with Miami, but he’s also been pitching in relief for the Diamantes. I mentioned it to some of his former coaches, and they recalled he’d pitched as an amateur before the Angels signed him.

The box score for Sunday’s Miami-Lake County game shows that Pip entered the game as a pinch-hitter for the designated hitter, which made him the DH, then he pitched in the bottom of the 8th. If the DH takes the field during a game, then his team may no longer use the DH and the pitcher must bat. But this is the first time I’ve ever heard of the DH becoming the pitcher.

Since the DH is eliminated once he takes the field, even as a pitcher, then once he’s relieved as a pitcher anyone who follows him on the mound would also have to bat. But what if he moves from pitcher to another position? I guess the relieving pitcher would have to bat in the slot of the guy the ex-DH replaced.

This is why I hate the DH.

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