FutureAngels.com Blog 2009 Ranking

MLB Advanced Media has published the final rankings of the top blogs here on MLBlogs.com. Click here to see the rankings.

In the Fan blog category, FutureAngels.com finished #9 for 2009.

According to their 2008 rankings, FutureAngels.com was #4 in the same category.

I recently asked an MLBAM official how many fan blogs are on MLBlogs.com. He didn’t give me an exact number but said that overall they have about 10,000 blogs registered on their service.

I’m not one to make a big deal about rankings — I’m more interested in quality of content — but the next time you see one of those posts that show up occasionally on fan sites falsely claiming “nobody reads FutureAngels.com” you can respond with a link to the MLB list and tell the truth.

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