Cedar Rapids Update

An update on Cedar Rapids …

FEMA is calling this the worst flood since Katrina. USA Today reports that 25,000 people in Cedar Rapids are homeless, and the damage may top $1 billion.

Police were allowing people to enter their neighborhoods briefly to recover necessities, but further tests showed the conditions were too toxic and dangerous so access was shut down.

The American Red Cross reports that
their disaster funds have been depleted. Please consider visiting the American Red Cross web site to donate.

Several members of the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes who were at Cedar Rapids in 2007 or 2008 filmed a video to let the people of Cedar Rapids know they care.
Click Here to watch the video. Windows Media Player and a broadband (cable modem, DSL) Internet connection are required.

The Quakes’ players, coaches, fans, and front office are mobilizing to do what they can to help Cedar Rapids. It’s still early to know just what we’ll do because other than the Red Cross there’s no place to send money right now. Hopefully we’ll have a game plan once C.R. has an official relief fund.

As for the Kernels, they were on the road when this happened. They should be arriving in C.R. right about now. It’s anyone’s guess where they’ll go. They have a three-day break due to the Midwest League All-Star Game. The manager Keith Johnson and hitting coach Damon Mashore were staying at the Best Western Cooper’s Mill hotel, but it’s out of commission indefinitely after the entire first floor was submerged for days. I don’t think anyone knows when they might play again.

Quad Cities, a former Angels affiliate (before Cedar Rapids), cancelled its Sunday game due to flooding. The Triple-A Iowa Cubs in Des Moines lost their ballpark, which was also submerged.

FInally … If any of Arte Moreno’s people are reading this, Arte needs to step up now and take the lead in encouraging Angels fans to help the people of Cedar Rapids. One way to do that would be to cut a $1 million check NOW to the Red Cross. Another way might be to set up a disaster relief matching fund — for every dollar donated by Angels fans, the Angels match it.

The Red Cross is out of money, and Cedar Rapids is farm community without the resources to raise a lot of dollars. So it’s time we give back to them for all they’ve done for Angels fandom the last sixteen years.

One comment

  1. mwlfan38

    “Cedar Rapids is farm community without the resources to raise a lot of dollars.”

    This may be the single most ignorant thing I’ve ever seen posted on a blog anywhere. Disgusting yet laughable at the same time. If that’s what you think of Cedar Rapids, we don’t need your help.

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